Making Bathtime More Fun and Educational

As a stay at home mom, I like to keep the boys and myself as busy as possible…mainly so I don’t have to clean lol.  Playing with little ones all the time can definitely get a little monotonous and boring though!  I mean, your aren’t really having any enlightening or intellectually stimulating conversations unless it’s your child telling you…nope, nothing stimulating! For the most part I try and get them out of the house unless it’s raining or they are sick. It’s good to be out and about, especially when you have 2 very active boys.

Since it’s sometimes hard to always have a new activity to keep them entertained, my go to is playtime in the tub!!!! After a long day of chasing the kids around, I can’t help but want to get them to sleep early haha. Instead of that, I  plan a messy play activity (painting, playing with playdoh, etc.), get them up for baths 20min earlier than normal and let them play.

Some of my go-to bath activities include blowing up balloons, with or without water, throwing in some ball pit balls, or just letting them color with bath crayons. Check out my Dinosaur diy bath crayons from the other post here if you want to try making your own crayons. Recently, I saw this post about putting mega blocks in the tub. It was genius!!! Yes, you have to get them out and let them dry on a towel afterwards but you don’t have to clean the tub of crayons :).  It was so simple and the boys loved it. Legos would prob work really well too, as long as they don’t have stickers or anything that can easily scrape off. The other really great thing about these activities is that you can take advantage that they can’t run around and u can have them work on their colors and counting!

It may seem like it is more work to some but it works for me. It’s so nice to have them and the mess contained in the tub. Plus, it makes bath time way more fun for them!!

So after a really long day of cranky kids and tired mommy, It’s either an early bath and bedtime or…


IMG_4429Yes…my little one is trying to drink bath water :/. Another day in the life right?!?

Hope you got some good ideas for making bathtime a little more interesting and fun!! Share if you liked it :)!

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