As an Independent Distributor for Advocare I sell and use their products. However, there are products that I don’t use because they didn’t work for me or I did not like their flavor. I will not try to sell anyone on products just for the sake of making a few $$$. There products really have been huge life changers for me and I hope I can offer that to others!

My favorite products are  fruit punch Spark for energy, catalyst for increasing your metabolism (basically lipo in a bottle) and the Chocolate Meal replacement shake. Spark is a must have in my house!!! It’s like coffee to any normal coffee drinker…I need it otherwise I am a tired, cranky mess lol.

There are so many different products for whatever your wellness or fitness goals are, those are just the ones that I really enjoy using. After a few weeks of using products, my hubs jumped on board and stopped drinking his daily Monster energy drinks and started drinking spark. Then, a few weeks later he started working out more and tried post workout. Now, let me say, I do not like the post workout powder. A lot of people raved about it so I bought it and really disliked it. The flavor/texture does not sit well with me. My hubs on the other hand, LOVES! Everyone has different taste buds I guess.

In a few days I will add more info on the products and my regimen. If you have any questions please feel free to ask questions!!!

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