Try It Out Thursday- Wool Dryer Balls


The other night one of my friends and I were going back and forth on products that we use and the other should try. SO…I decided to make a list of things I want to try over the next few weeks and see how it goes. This week I am going to try Wool Dryer Balls by Heart Felt!

Laundry balls reduce dry time by bouncing between folds of clothes, circulating hot air between the wet items. This soft friction and movement makes clothes static free and softer, without the need for fabric softener or chemical-laden dryer sheets.
 The balls preferentially absorb the moisture coming off laundry so your clothes, towels, sheets or cloth diapers dry much faster. Dry time is reduced by at least 30-40%.
 I hope this is true because even after cleaning the lint dryer vent, the one leading out of the house not the one in the machine, I have still noticed that it is taking too long to dry my clothing.

About the Product
  • HANDMADE WITH NEW ZEALAND WOOL to the core, from the only New Zealand supplier of wool dryer balls.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC. Durable for 1500+ washes. Includes FREE household tips E-book and gorgeous gift bag.
  • NATURALLY SOFTEN laundry with no cost or synthetic chemicals Check out our pack of 6 balls too!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY and a step towards a chemical free, sustainable household. Perfect for essential oils.

Let me know if you use this product and if you notice a difference in your clothing and drying time. Wish me luck!!!

Non Toxic Way To Clean

A lot of people ask me what I use to clean because lets face it, being a sahm means all I do is clean and chase around little rascals ALL day! I am not being sarcastic, that’s literally ALL i freaking do! There is always a mess and if there isn’t, I just have to do a 10sec count down and my boys will magically make one appear…haha!

My home is not the tidiest of homes but it’s not dirty. Well… at least the main living areas are always being cleaned lol. Below is my favorite cleaning tool that I use daily!! Yes, I said daily…boys are messy!!! I should make one with my favorite diy cleaning products too. Hmm…that will have to wait for another day!

Now, I use cleaning products such as Bruce floor cleaner, method multi purpose cleaner, clorox bleach but not as often as I did before. Each day we are exposed to an untold number of toxins so I choose to limit them in my household. I try to make my own cleaning supplies, use steam cleaners to kill bacteria on my floors and use e-clothsto maintain my home. It may not work for everyone and it wasn’t always for me. It wasn’t until I read that women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than those who work outside of the home due to a higher exposure to chemicals! That statistic was shocking and had me looking for other options to maintain my home pretty quickly!


AMAZING is the only word I can use to describe these! I have used e-cloths
for over a year now and I love them. The fibres break up grease and dirt by just using water!!! I was skeptical after first but they do a fantastic job on cleaning my stainless steel  appliances (LEAVE NO STREAKS…SERIOUSLY), windows and even easily cleaning my stove. What really convinced me was how easily they cleaned my gas stove. Way faster and less elbow grease than using any multi purpose cleaner or 409…seriously!! Not only that but they work so well that my 3yr old cleans my windows with them and leaves NO streaks…just saying lol!

They are a little more expensive than regular microfiber cloths but you save so much money because you don’t need chemicals when using these, only water! You can rewash them up to 300times so they last for a year which is absolutely worth it.

Try e-cloths out and let me know what you think! What are your favorite non-toxic cleaning tools/products????



DIFFERENT E-CLOTHS: (I started off with the starter pack but if you don’t want to spend as much to try them out, check out the other links below for the window pack or the stainless steel pack)

e-cloth Window Cleaning Pack, 2-Piece71ITMIGkNhL._SL1000_

e-cloth Range and Stovetop Pack, 2-Piece

e-cloth Starter Pack, 5 Piece(4 general purpose and 1 window)515rdkAsiFL

More Info on how toxins affect us: