DIY Bath Time Dinosaur Crayons


Just about every night we use bathtub crayons during bath time. It is so strange that I can get them to color for at least 20min in the tub, but try and get them to color on a piece of paper for more than 2min…forget it!!! Maybe it has to do with them being confined ;).

Anyways…the other day I was looking on pinterest and I found a pin for diy bath tub crayons. AMAZING! So, since we are in a dinosaur phase right now, I immediately thought of making dinosaur bathtub crayons. I mean, what else would I make right?!?

They were so incredibly easy to make and look amazing when complete. Best part… mommy is a total rock star today because I made dinosaur bathtub crayons. WIN!!

All you need is:

  1. Clear Glycerin
  2. food coloring (Originally I used glycerin soap coloring and that does NOT work)
  3. Jell-O Dinosaur Mold


In order to make all 6 dinosaurs in the mold, you need to melt 10 squares from the package. Since it was my first time making them, I had to do 3 separate batches in order to fill them.


  1. Cut out 10 squares, place them in a measuring cup and melt them in the microwave. The instructions on the package said 20-40sec and if not melted keep adding 10sec until fully melted.
  2. After the glycerin soap is melted, add in the coloring. For each square, I put in 8 drops of coloring.
  3. Stir in the food coloring.
  4. Pour into the mold
  5. Let sit for 30minIMG_3945
  6. Carefully get the crayons out of the mold (turn upside down and slowly push out)


Hope you try them out with your little ones. Not only are they fun during bath time but we honestly had such a great time making them together :).

Let me know if you have any questions about these!!!

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