Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Last year we started the Elf on the shelf tradition in our household. It was really more for me than my kids since they were just too young to really understand it. My oldest at the time was not even 3yrs old yet so he didn’t care that I was moving the elf around,let alone understanding why the elf was even here. He did name him “Apple”though. It was of his favorite things to eat at the time. I just ended up keeping the name…it’s cute :).

This year…it is ON!!!!! We are on day 12 right now. Below are some of my favorite things Apple has done so far!


It really has been so much fun to try new ideas out with our elf Apple. Oh, yeah, and my son has really loves it too… hahaha!

Try some out and let me know how your little one liked it!

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