Book Review- The Ghoul on The Stool


Let me just start by saying that I LOVED it! Not that it matters as much what I think of it as much as what my kids think of it. However, since I am the one reading it to him…it kind of does! The Ghoul on the Stool is a definite must have for the Halloween season. I can see this being one of the holiday traditions we stick with.

The book comes with a little push toy version of the ghoul who, if you guessed it, is sitting on a stool! Not only does it a really cute story with an adorable little ghoul, but it has really good message and BEAUTIFUL illustrations!

The ghoul comes from his candy filled cave, with his spider sidekick, to protect your Halloween candy. He is the keeper of all things holy to a toddler…CANDY!  In order to ensure their candy is safe he plays little tricks on all that come near. It’s super cute and funny…especially to my 3 1/2yr old.IMG_4179

I can say that the message is NOT sharing since now my son doesn’t want me to have any of his candy haha! It does encourage them to brush their teeth though so they don’t rot like the ghouls teeth. Every time we finish the story, my son tells me he needs to brush his teeth immediately! 👍


If you need some convincing, here is my 3 1/2 yr olds take on it…

Question 1: Do you like the book The Ghoul on the Stool?

Colin:  It was a good read!

( Can’t make this shit up! He totally said that…lol)

Question 2: What was your favorite part?

Colin: Mommy, don’t take my candy Okay? You need to have your own. The ghoul will give you bright red, BIG red feet if you touch my candy okay?

(That’s totally not what I asked)

Question 3: So…What was your favorite part?

Colin: The mommy and daddy getting big red feet!

(shaking my head)

Question 4: Did you like the ghoul? or did you think he was scary?

Colin: He was silly. He made a lot of silly faces.

Question 5: Do you want me to read it again?

Colin: No…I want daddy to!

(Thanks kid!)

In short,  you should order The Ghoul on the Stool !!! You and your children will enjoy this adorable book and Halloween tradition!

BUY BOOK HERE:  The Ghoul on the Stool

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