Are You an Online Shopper? Save with Ebates

My favorite money saving go to right now is Ebates!!! Let me start out by saying that this is AMAZING and ridiculously easy to use!!! If you are an online shopper, this is for you. With the holidays coming up, this is going to earn you some cash back for sure!

What is Ebates?

The company is an affiliate to 1,800 online stores. So, when they refer people to a retailer, they make a small commission. That’s why they offer cash back and coupons because as you make an online purchase, they make $$ too.

Here’s how:

1. You earn money back by shopping online! All you have to do is go through their website. You set up an account (it takes all of a min to do), search for the store you want to purchase from, click on the “shop now” link and it sends you right to it. Couldn’t be easier!

For example: I want to shop at Gap so… I go to my Ebates account, search Gap, click on the “shop now” button and BOOM! That’s it. As soon as you make the purchase, it sends the cash to your account.

Ways to make money:

1. They give you a $10 gift card or $10 applied to your your account for signing up! In order for it to be applied you do have to make one online purchase with the retailer of your choice. That’s the whole point of using Ebates anyway, to save on your online purchases right?!?!

2. Cash back! Each retailer has a different % of cash back. When you make a purchase from that retailers site, the cash back gets applied to your account.

3. They give you $5.00 for every friend referred!

4. Each week they send an email out with coupons for online retailers and sometimes double the normal cash back savings! Two weeks ago I saved 60% online at with a coupon Ebates provided, 40% and cash back!!

The only drawback is that you do have to wait a while for your earnings since the payout is four times a year. Other than that, I LOVE it! It truly is the easiest way to save!

Give Ebates a try if you like to save :)!


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