Staying Positive When Dealing with Little Ones

You always hear people say “enjoy the time you have with your children because it flies by”. It is so sad to think about but, as my children grow, this is becoming more and more apparent. My little ones are growing so fast and before I know it, they won’t need or want me around. As much as I say “that will NEVER happen”, I know in my heart that it will.

Days with kids can be so exhausting sometimes! They can cause a lot of chaos, mess and anxiety but they can also bring a lot of joy. It is hard to focus on the good moments in your day when there is so much to do, so little time and the kids are making messes left and right. Just try! Just try to take a breath, relax and think of one good moment you had with them that day.  If that doesn’t help, grab a glass of wine…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?!? haha

IMG_4812(Tried to make a learning experience out of balloons and crayons and it totally backfired. tried to take a pic of them laughing, balloons popped and this is what I got… haha)

Instead of complaining about all of the problems and craziness I experience, on what seems like an everyday basis. I choose to focus on the positive! Yes, my little one had HFMD last week, didn’t sleep, had diarehea several times a day that went EVERYWHERE and I got nothing that I needed to get done accomplished. It sucked but it is what it is. I dealt with it and moved on. I am not saying that it was the best week of my life or that I didn’t get annoyed because of how crappy the whole week was. I am saying, I tried not to complain about it,  did what needed to be done and tried to have a great time with my boys no matter how miserable it truly was. It just drains too much energy complaining!

It’s not only draining for me to bitch about stuff that I can’t change, but it also affects my family! My boys are a lot happier if mommy is happy. Hubs included :).

Try to relax, breathe and stay positive. The day will come when your little one doesn’t need you anymore and you will look back at these days and wish you could experience them again. At least I know I will!

This not only applies to dealing with kids but in every aspect of your life! Stay positive and enjoy life. Don’t sweat the little things. There is no point!


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