Finding a Cleaning Schedule that Works for YOU

cleaning meme

And this is why I NEEDED a daily cleaning schedule!!!!!

Many people that know me, will agree that I am not the most organized person in the world. Oh how kids have changed me haha! I need schedules, lists and deadlines to keep me on track. So…when it comes to cleaning, I have a Daily Cleaning Schedule.

Since I needed guidance when it came to where and how to start, I hit up Pinterest. Doesn’t everyone?!? I started looking for a daily cleaning schedule that was similar to what I was currently doing and went from there. There were so many to chose from and it was hard to chose one that was perfect, but after a while, I did!

The one I chose was from I have been using it for about 2 years and it works for me. Since I found it a few years ago,  the site currently has a newer version of the Daily cleaning schedule which is very different from mine. It is very comprehensive, more aesthetically appealing and best of all, it is customizable!!! Until I started writing this post, I wasn’t trying to change my cleaning schedule but I think I may have to now after seeing this one.

FullSizeRender (3)If nothing else works, try this! Just make sure you insert your husband/significant others name where “Gary” is otherwise things may get a little confusing ;).

Below are some links to a few FREE cleaning schedules that I think you may like. Along with those, I am adding a FALL cleaning checklist that I found at The Happier Homemaker.  I plan on following her fall cleaning checklist, starting on September 1st.  I will blog about my accomplishments and all of struggles I am sure to have! Hopefully it doesn’t take me all season to complete it…lol!

Links to Daily cleaning schedules: (this is similar to the one I currently use)

Link to Fall cleaning checklist:

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