Taking The Day Off With The Boys


     So nothing is going to get accomplished in my house today! Between blogging and spending the day outside with the boys, I just don’t have time for anything else today…hehehe! Sometimes “we” as moms, need a break. Although, having two kids with you all day is not an easy task in and of itself, it’s easier when you decide not to do any house chores. Okay, well… basically none. Just no rushing around today, a day of relaxation and enjoying a day outdoors with my boys!

This afternoon I decided to grab a blanket, some chalk (random I know but stay with me), load the boys up to go to chick fil A for lunch and take them to the gazebo for a nice afternoon picnic. We ate lunch on a blanket and covered the sidewalk in the most artistic drawings any 3yr old has ever produced!

For my dinosaur lover, I had to draw T-REX foot prints and Brachiosaurus footprints (which I did not photograph because they were awful). This kid made me google the different print shapes…high maintenance I tell you. Anyways, it was well worth it. He must have kept jumping back and forth between prints for 15-20min. While he did that, I drew a bunch of shapes in different colors so he could play a shapes and colors game. The shapes and colors game was a little too young for him since he has known them for a while but he really enjoyed jumping from shape to shape and teaching his little brother! So, even if it was a little young for him, we still made it work for at least another 10-15min!

IMG_3396 IMG_3398IMG_3395IMG_3407

IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3405

My little nugget wanted in on the fun! He wasn’t interested in drawing, only taking all the colors away from his big brother :).

All in all, it has been a pretty great, relaxing day with my boys…Just jinxed it!

When Your Toddler Constantly Asks “Why?”


Right now, my 3 1/2 yr old constantly asks “why?” all the time, for EVERYTHING! It’s great that he is curious and that his mind is expanding. However, sometimes I wish he would just stop asking, just for 2 min. Yes, just 2 min of silence!

Recently those innocent “why’s” have turned into asking “why?” to prolong doing things that he doesn’t want to do. For example, when I tell him it’s time to take a nap he starts whining and asks “but why?”. This is not the kind of why that warrants an actual answer because he already knows the answer to this question. It’s not that he wants to gain further knowledge, it’s that he just wants to frustrate me. Normally I say “because it’s time” or “because everyone is tried and needs to take their daily nap”. He then starts to cry and ask “why?” again. Long story short…it goes on like this for a while until I tell him to grab a dinosaur and get up to his bedroom for naptime.

Today, I tried something new! Let me tell you it was genius. Don’t know how it will work for every situation but it’s def something to try. When he asked why it was time for nap I asked him “why do you think it’s time for nap?”. It took him a second because I never throw a question back at him and he said “because it’s time to go for a nap” and that was the end of it!!!! Omg. Why didn’t I do that sooner? No crying. No whining. Just a simple answer to my question, he grabbed his favorite dinosaur and got moving upstairs. Score one for mommy!

Moral of the story…if your toddler is in the stage of asking “why?” all the time, maybe try asking them what they think in return!

My Sunday Social “Mommy Run”


Sunday is normally my rest day but this week it was Thursday and Saturday…ugh! So, when one of my girlfriends suggested a run, I was all for it! What better way to get a workout in than to do it with a friend?!?

Come Sunday morning, I woke up, helped hubs with the regular morning routine (feed kids, feed dogs, etc.) and got my “running” gear on. If I look and feel good in my workout gear, I tend to feel more motivated to workout. So, I grabbed my husbands YesBelt that he always takes to the gym, he will NOT leave home without it. I get why now. The YesBelt is AMAZING!!! I am a little heavier on the bottom…what I lack in the top I make up for in the bottom ;). It didn’t ride up at all, it was comfortable and was able to hold my iphone 6 w/the case on. I was always into the arm bands but now I see what all the hype about the YesBelt is!

FullSizeRender (5)

Back to the run…Originally we planned to meet up at 8am, which later turned into 8:15am, and it actually ended up being 8:23am because I had to make multiple trips to the bathroom to pee before so I wouldn’t pee on myself out on the run…that’s an issue and possibly a new workout post for another day ;).


It’s been a while since I have run so I knew I may not make it very long but we actually ended up going 3miles. It was a very slow 3 miles but we did it nonetheless… without stopping!!!


So…even though we didn’t have a super fast pace, we still got out and were active.  Oh…and we burned 404 calories…whoop whoop!!!

Product used on my run:
Garmin Forerunner 15 Small, Teal/White
YesBelt #1 Premium Running & Fitness Workout Belt – FITS BIG SMART PHONES like iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4 – Runners Waist Pack to HOLD YOUR PHONE – LIGHT & NO BOUNCE Runner’s Waistband Fanny Pack – Storage Pouch Bag that Fits All types of Phone – Runners Wallet for Women & Men – 12 MONTHS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (For Bigger Smartphones, Black, S)

Athleta Fastest Track top

How To Cope With a Teething Baby


Let me just start out by saying how much I love my children! They are the sweetest, most loving boys ever…until they get sick or are teething!! Then I still, absolutely, without a doubt love them, I just really despise being around them. This past week I had a sick toddler and a cranky, teething, 13month old. Oh how I wish I could tell you that it was easy and I got through it all unscathed but that would be a big fat LIE!

After dealing with teething with my first son, I was prepared this time around. There are so many methods I have for helping my little one deal with the excruciating pain that comes along with teething. Now, my oldest was pretty miserable to be around when he was teething but my youngest is now giving me a run for my money!

In my arsental of teething supplies:


  1. Luvable Friends 4 Pack Washcloths

IMG_8800 IMG_8801

These are a must! I take the washcloths, wet them, place them in the freezer and in a few minutes they are frozen and ready to go. These bad boys last for a while and will keep him distracted for at least 10min. Basically long enough for me to unload the dishwasher in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, I can not guarantee the same outcome for everyone, just telling my story :). That is also why you need to have more than one product to deal with a cranky teether!

         2. Razbaby RaZ-berry Teether, Red


These were not a hit for my oldest son when he was teething but my youngest LOVES these. You can’t tell from the picture but he does, just a little grumpy that’s all haha.  With these, I just clean them, throw them in the freezer and after a little while they are ready to go.

         3.Philips AVENT BPA Free Freeflow Pacifier, 6-18 Months, 2-Pack, Colors May Vary

Both of my boys used these pacifiers so this works for me. One of my girlfriends told me about this a few months ago so I never actually did this with my oldest…wish I had! Some people have certain brands they stick with,Philips AVENT BPA Free Freeflow Pacifier, 6-18 Months, 2-Pack, Colors May Vary is mine. Also, when it comes to teething, these are amazing!! You can fill the inside of the pacifier with water, place them in the freezer and in 5-10min the water inside is frozen.

          4.Lifefactory Multi Sensory Silicone Teether, Sky/Spring Green, 2 Count

These are good to have around because they are easy to clean and offer a different texture. Not all kids may like these, my oldest actually liked these more than my youngest son but they are good to have around as backup. You just have to clean, freeze and that’s it!

            5. Frozen Fruit

I am a big fan of the Harris Teeter brand frozen fruit, mangos are my favorite. Anyways, I take them out of the freezer for a few min until they thaw out a bit and offer them as a snack. It helps to knock out snack time and offers relief to their painful little gums.

             6. Pain Relief

As a last resort I use Acetaminophen. Okay, sometimes not as a last resort lol. Before you go this route, ask your pediatrician if it is okay!

              7. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE

As miserable you may think your baby will be, it’s good to change the scenery and get out. Sometimes even just going for a walk will help distract your little one from the pain he/she is experiencing. It will also help you to get out, move around and relieve some of that anxiety that can come along with a cranky monkey. If a walk won’t do it, maybe it’s time to do a little retail therapy…always helps me ;)!

             8. Stress Relief for Mommy

Yes, in the top right of the picture above is tequila! It is my go to stress reliever after a really rough day. I rarely drink, just don’t have the energy the next morning to workout and take care of the kids. However, if you really need it, a drink of your choice (after the kids are asleep), is definitely a good thing to enjoy! You need to take care of you right?!?!

Hope this helps you get through your day! Leave comments about other things you may use in your “arsenal”!

Finding a Cleaning Schedule that Works for YOU

cleaning meme

And this is why I NEEDED a daily cleaning schedule!!!!!

Many people that know me, will agree that I am not the most organized person in the world. Oh how kids have changed me haha! I need schedules, lists and deadlines to keep me on track. So…when it comes to cleaning, I have a Daily Cleaning Schedule.

Since I needed guidance when it came to where and how to start, I hit up Pinterest. Doesn’t everyone?!? I started looking for a daily cleaning schedule that was similar to what I was currently doing and went from there. There were so many to chose from and it was hard to chose one that was perfect, but after a while, I did!

The one I chose was from Moneysavingmom.com. I have been using it for about 2 years and it works for me. Since I found it a few years ago,  the site currently has a newer version of the Daily cleaning schedule which is very different from mine. It is very comprehensive, more aesthetically appealing and best of all, it is customizable!!! Until I started writing this post, I wasn’t trying to change my cleaning schedule but I think I may have to now after seeing this one.

FullSizeRender (3)If nothing else works, try this! Just make sure you insert your husband/significant others name where “Gary” is otherwise things may get a little confusing ;).

Below are some links to a few FREE cleaning schedules that I think you may like. Along with those, I am adding a FALL cleaning checklist that I found at The Happier Homemaker.  I plan on following her fall cleaning checklist, starting on September 1st.  I will blog about my accomplishments and all of struggles I am sure to have! Hopefully it doesn’t take me all season to complete it…lol!

Links to Daily cleaning schedules:


http://www.thehappierhomemaker.com/2013/10/daily-cleaning-schedule/ (this is similar to the one I currently use)



Link to Fall cleaning checklist:


Stuffed Breakfast Bell Peppers

I am on a healthy eating kick right now. Okay, I am on a healthy eating kick some days…mainly breakfast because it’s the easiest meal to stick to stuff you should be eating. PROTEIN. PROTEIN. FRUIT/VEGGIES. PROTEIN.

This recipe is so easy, just takes a little time to make. Plan to spend 30-40min making this. It is SOOO worth it though! These stuffed peppers were so delish!!! Even though they do take some time, you can store any leftovers in the fridge for the next day or double the recipe and store in the fridge :).

FullSizeRender (2)


  • 2 Green peppers (you can use any peppers)
  • Jimmy Dean turkey sausage 3/4c
  • 1/2 tomato chopped
  • 2 eggs

Directions :

  1. Preheat the over to 400
  2. cut tops off of peppers and remove seeds
  3. Bake peppers for 15min
  4. While peppers are baking, chop the tomatoes and cook the sausage in frying pan for 6-8min
  5. When peppers are ready, add in sausage, tomatoes and an egg in each pepper
  6. Cook for 15-20min (depending on how you like your egg cooked)

FullSizeRender (1)

(You don’t have to limit the fillers to tomatoes, eggs and sausage. These peppers can be made with spinach, kale, left over peppers, ham, cheese, etc. )

Hope you enjoy!!

Preschool Here We COME

With everyone I know posting about their kids first days back at school, I am freaking out a little bit. Two weeks from today, my oldest son is going to 3yr old PRESCHOOL…ahhhh! Ok ok, its not the end of the world since he is only going 2days a week from 9am-1pm, but it feels like it. This will be a huge transition for me HIM…haha.


Anyways…he is so excited about going to school with all of his cool dinosaur backpack and lunchbox, dino gear, light up Stride Rite Captain America Light-Up Sneaker (Toddler)(they are actually really cool haha) most of all, to play with “all of my friends”. As much as it pains me to say this, I don’t think he will have a hard time at all. This is the kid that walks up to anyone at the store, tells them about his day and then stamps their hand with a dino stamp as a farewell! So unless he changes in the next few weeks, he will be perfectly fine.

Don’t know what to expect from having a child in school but this is a part of life and I am just along for the ride! Life with kids is always smooth right?!? HA


Little trouble maker is up to something..what’s new?!? haha

Motivation Monday- Fitness Goals

Over the past few months, I started to stick to a regular fitness regimen. As a mother of 2 boys, I find it very hard to find time to “really” workout during the day or at the end of the day after they go to sleep. So…I started going to a Burn Bootcamp class at 5:30am!! Yes, I know, that sounds AWFUL. However, my kids and hubby are asleep while I am gone, and by the time everyone wakes up I worked out and most days even showered. Yes, I get to shower in peace and quiet…haha!

Now, I understand a 5:30am workout is not for everyone (totally wasn’t for me either)! But… if you set fitness goals and find a routine that works for you, you can make it happen.


I found this on Pinterest the other week and thought it was a great way to keep myself accountable. Hope it will help give others inspiration when starting/maintaining your fitness journey!

Hello world!

This is my first ever post…YAY!!! Over the past few months I have gone back and forth on whether or not this is something I should do. I am not a writer or an expert on anything in particular, just a regular SAHM of 2 boys (3 if you include my hubs) trying to do something for me! The scary part about putting “everything out there” is that you leave your self open to a lot of criticism. However, as I have noticed lately…being a SAHM has already left me open for criticism so I might as well do whatever I want to do anyways lol.

My plan for blogging is to document my life as a mom, wife and AMAZING(if I do say so myself) female. Throughout this blog, I hope to inspire, motivate and offer insights to things I have experienced as a mom. The goal is not to judge or chastise others for what they do, but just to document and share all the amazing, and not so amazing, experiences I go through.

Keeping it real!